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Your seat at the table

You are the secret ingredient that brings our trips to life! On a culinary journey with feast, you will become intimate with the region and become a discoverer, a gatherer, and a maker.

You’ll wander through the landscapes and see the relationship between place and produce, connecting the dots between culture and culinary.

You’ll get up close to the people who live there, meeting locals who let you in on expertise that has been passed down generation to generation.

On every step of the way, you are a full participant, immersing yourself in the way of life through hands-on experiences, making dishes alongside star chefs and homeowners in their kitchens.

The culmination of every day is coming together and eating, with a fuller understanding of the rich traditions, hardworking people, and sense of craftsmanship that go into each component of a dish.

This is why when you take a seat at the table with feast, it is no ordinary chair and you are not an ordinary traveller. We invite you to take your place, inspired by your gastronomic adventure and ready to indulge in all the flavours and textures of the Mediterranean.

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