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We believe

We believe that food is the most intimate expression of culture, and it is our love of food that drives each of our itineraries.

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Food is culture. Through food, we experience the breadth and depth of a culture, from the landscapes that shape it to the lives of the people who are part of it. Food brings with it age-old traditions and passed down recipes, and preserves them with each dish that is served.


Food is love. It is the meal that brings a family or a group of friends together. It is the knowledge of the land passed down from grandparents, and the cooking techniques learned from mothers and fathers in the kitchen. It is people bonding while they slice, season, and stir together, and it is the warmth of friends old and new gathering around a table.

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Food is change. It is the care we have for the land and its cultivation, and the importance of sustainable practices, for the health of our bodies and of the planet. By eating locally and seasonally, we can have a dramatic impact that extends well beyond one table, one town, or one country.

It was belief in the power of food that inspired Philipp Boecker to found Sapio in 2005. Having studied at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Italy, he had an idea to not only introduce people to good food, but also to foster genuine relationships and exchanges with local producers and cooks. In 2021, Philipp passed the torch over to Sylvia Eisentraut and Ventura TRAVEL, and we continue to carry on this vision to this day with feast, showing you what is possible with a true love of food.

Each of our tours incorporates four main ideas: Discover, Gather, Craft, and Feast. On a culinary journey with feast, you will discover the region fully, from historical landmarks to quaint villages to breathtaking scenery. Then, it’s time to gather fresh herbs, pluck ripe fruits, or harvest colourful vegetables to bring to the kitchen. You’ll learn the art of gastronomy, whether by observing the work of a regional producer or applying tips in a cooking course, to craft masterpieces of your own. And finally, it’s time to feast! Surrounded by fellow creators, you’ll get to sample the things you’ve made or that have been made especially for you. Our love of food is many things, but fundamentally is about enjoying an outstanding meal!

Become a believer with us! We’ve saved you a seat at the table, and we look forward to sharing our love of food with you.

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