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Savouring Seasons

Seasonal Voyages: A Discovery of Mediterranean Flavors Year-Round

A journey for every season

Seasonal, Regional and Sustainable

Embarking on a culinary journey through the Mediterranean is an exploration of flavours deeply intertwined with the changing seasons. Traversing the diverse landscapes and cultures of this sun-soaked region, you soon discover how much the time of year plays a role in the traditions and practices of the vibrant gastronomy in this part of the world.

At feast, we are believers in the Slow Food movement, which means that we support eating locally, seasonally, and sustainably. That also means that each of our trips visits destinations at a specific time of year or with a specific itinerary that highlights the best of the season in that area.

Seasons in the Mediterranean are more about a feeling than a calendar, where spring days feel like summer, and autumn still warm enough for swimming and picnics outdoors. This is a region where there is always something happening when it comes to the rhythms of blossoming, ripening, and harvest. Our culinary journeys are timed to highlight exclusive, local experiences at just the right time of year.

Seasonal highlights

At feast, we are acutely aware of the seasons and how they are as essential a component of your trip as the destination itself. Because we are committed to the idea of sustainable, farm-to-table cuisine, that means paying attention to what is seasonal and shaping itineraries that highlight the best of a region.

This means we have several culinary journeys that are hand-picked and meant to give you special experiences that happen at a particular time every year. This might be a cheese festival in the Piedmontese Alps, a trip to the Amalfi Coast when the lemon trees are in blossom, visiting the Aeolian Islands when capers are flowering, or attending the annual truffle festival in a small village in Perigord. It might be a trip sometime between October and April, the best season for foraging spontaneous wild herbs in destinations such as Sicily, Apulia, and Valle Maira, so that you participate in an old, nearly forgotten, tradition.

Being responsive to the land and the seasons, our trips are always their own unique experience, much like a meal depends on which various ingredients are brought together at any particular time. We are always interested in discovering what is going on in the region, whether it’s a new festival, an exciting new workshop or restaurant, or an especially good year for a type of produce. The season, the weather, the location, and you will all make your journey one of a kind.

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