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Summer for all the senses

Early or late Summer

Summer in the Mediterranean is a season that stretches well into September, with sunny blue skies and landscapes in full bloom, and warm breezes carrying the scent of the sea. A culinary journey to the Mediterranean in the summer is one that delights all your senses, and where local ingredients are fresh and fragrant.

This time of year is made for visits to open-air markets with their kaleidoscope of sun-kissed fruits and vibrant vegetables. Coastal towns come alive with catches of the day and allow you to indulge in regional seafood dishes. Summer in the Mediterranean means enjoying local wine or refreshing cocktails while watching the sun set, or cooling down with a scoop of gelato while meandering through the ancient streets of charming villages.

Summer is the perfect time to soak in the atmosphere of the Aeolian Islands by swimming, hiking, and stargazing. This is also a good season to explore landscapes like the Piedmontese Alps, hiking through the wild and romantic scenes, and sampling the mountain herbs or products such as the excellent regional honey, introduced to us by a local beekeeper.

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