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HanseMerkur Travel Insurance

Get covered before and during your trip

Attention : Only for residents of the EU and Switzerland!

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To make sure you can enjoy your holiday with peace of mind, we're offering you personalized cover with these three custom products, in conjunction with our insurance partner HanseMerkur Travel Insurance.

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Full Protection

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Travel Companion

If you are ready to purchase insurance for your reservation, simply click below. If you would like additional information about all prices and services, simply scroll down the page or download all the information on PDF format.

HanseMerkur Service Description

Full Protection

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This complete package combines all advantages of Travel Companion and Cancellation


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Cancellation insurance: Reimbursement of cancellation costs or rebooking fees

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Curtailment insuance: Reimbursement of the trip in the event of interruption within the first 8 days. Coverage of additional costs in the event of late departure or return

Travel Companion

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Travel accident insurance: Compensation in the event of death or invalidity following an accident

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Health insurance: Coverage of the cost of possible treatments, transport, repatriation without deductible

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Emergency insurance: Service open 24 hours a day which covers the transport of patients, help in the event of loss or theft of documents and means of payment, repatriation in the event of damage to the home

Insurance All round protection

Travel liability insurance: Coverage in the event of bodily injury or property damage (including rental equipment)

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Luggage insurance: Reimbursement of up to €2,000 in the event of loss or damage to baggage. In the event of a delay, coverage of up to €500 for replacement purchases

Prices of our insurances

Price insurance

If you would like to read the general conditions, you can find them here on PDF format

We offer you advice as part of our travel insurance intermediary activity. For this activity, we receive commissions as well as other allowances which are already included in the insurance premium.

CCI registration number : D-GN4X-05K7O-03

German Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK) e.V. Breite Straße 29, 10178 Berlin Telephone : +49 (0)180 600 5850 (price of a landline call : 0,20 EUR/call ; price f a mobile call : 0,60 EUR/call maximum) Consultation of the register herewww.vermittlerregister.info

Claims service in the event of disputes with companies or insurance intermediaries : Versicherungsombudsmann e.V. Boîte postale 08 06 32, 10006 Berlin www.versicherungsombudsmann.de

In general, we encourage travelers to select our insurance packages when they are booking their trip.

If you did not book insurance with your trip and now would like to do so, please contact your Travel Specialist. Generally speaking, keep the following deadlines in mind:

Cancelation and Full Protection can be booked up to 30 days before the start of your reservation. Travel Companion can be booked at any time before the start of your reservation.

Of course, you can also add optional services to your trip after booking. If necessary, the insurance premium will be adjusted to the new travel price and you will be billed for the difference.

Yes, because your fellow passengers are among the "risk persons." You can cancel the trip free of charge if one of your fellow passengers falls ill. Separate bookings with individual booking numbers are also possible as long as the travel period is identical. NOTE: This rule is limited to a maximum of 6 people from 2 households!

Cancelations due to force majeure (e.g., war) or travel warnings are an insured event. However, this is not a problem for you. We will cancel the trip if we cannot guarantee that we can carry out all services, or if we believe that your safety is at risk.

Only the services booked through us are insured. If you book your flights separately, it is best to take out insurance with the airline at the time of your booking.

If something happens during the trip, you generally don't have to pay in advance. Hospitals and doctors can issue a declaration of cost coverage. In some cases and destinations, however, you may have to pay out of pocket for certain procedures and medications.

If you paid anything in advance, you can always submit the bill to HanseMerkur after the trip to receive a refund. This applies to all packages containing health insurance (e.g., Full Protection and Travel Companion).

If you cancel your trip for an uninsured reason, HanseMerkur will reimburse part of the insurance price depending on how close we are to the departure date.

We recommend customers to carefully study the terms and conditions of their credit card insurance before their trip. This insurance coverage is often insufficient. For example:

  • Typically, only cardholders themselves are insured.
  • In many cases, this insurance is only active if the responsible insurer is informed of the travel destination and duration before the trip.
  • In addition, the insurance included in credit cards frequently includes basic services only.
  • Travel is often insured up to a certain travel price (e.g., €2,500); this means that clients have no insurance for more expensive trips.
  • Many credit card insurance companies tend to have high deductibles (i.e., your out-of-pocket expenses are higher).

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