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For the love of food

Our passion

We believe that food is the most intimate expression of culture, and it is our love of food that drives each of our itineraries. Each of our tours incorporates four main ideas: Discover, Gather, Craft, and Feast. On a culinary journey with feast, you will discover the region fully, from historical landmarks to quaint villages to breathtaking scenery. Then, it’s time to gather fresh herbs, pluck ripe fruits, or harvest colorful vegetables to bring to the kitchen. You’ll learn the art of gastronomy, whether by observing the work of a regional producer or applying tips in a cooking course, to craft masterpieces of your own. And finally, it’s time to feast! Surrounded by fellow creators, you’ll get to sample the things you’ve made or that have been made especially for you. Our love of food is many things, but fundamentally is about enjoying an outstanding meal!

In 2021, Philipp Boecker sold his culinary tour operator Sapio, which he had founded in 2005 and which has won countless "Goldene Palme" awards, to Ventura TRAVEL, who then put trust in Sylvia Eisentraut.

With feast we carry on the vision to foster genuine relationships and exchanges between consumers and farmers, local producers and cooks, showing what is possible with a true love of food. Sylvia has brought in her experience as a sommelier and wine brand director, but especially her passion for healthy food value chains, 0KM products and the stories and people behind them. Together with Anna Nikitopoulou and Valerio Figuccio, feast will be growing to offer culinary discovery tours to the seven emblematic communities of the Mediterranean Diet, recognized as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO: Cyprus, Croatia, Spain, Greece, Italy, Morocco, and Portugal.

Your seat at the table with feast

You are the secret ingredient that brings our trips to life! On a culinary journey with feast, you will become intimate with the region and become a discoverer, a gatherer, and a maker. You’ll wander through the landscapes and see the relationship between place and produce, connecting the dots between culture and culinary. You’ll get up close to the people who live there, meeting locals who let you in on expertise that has been passed down generation to generation..

On every step of the way, you are a full participant, immersing yourself in the way of life through hands-on experiences, making dishes alongside star chefs and homeowners in their kitchens. The culmination of every day is coming together and eating, with a fuller understanding of the rich traditions, hardworking people, and sense of craftsmanship that go into each component of a dish. This is why when you take a seat at the table with feast, it is no ordinary chair and you are not an ordinary traveller. We invite you to take your place, inspired by your gastronomic adventure and ready to indulge in all the flavours and textures of the Mediterranean.

Our promises to you

FAT brand promises new colors
You will be accompanied at all times by one of our amazing polyglot tour guides.
FAT brand promises new colors
Every day your small group of curious food lovers heads to the fields, farms, and vineyards where food begins its journey.
FAT brand promises new colors
Every trip contains at least one hands-on culinary experience and an active visit to the surrounding landscape..
FAT brand promises new colors
Every day you will savour fresh, local seasonal dishes that celebrate the best regional ingredients at local places or around your host’s table and enjoy the social side of food.

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