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We do not believe in mass tourism. Passing through a place quickly, seeing the highlights without meeting the people, and consuming food or culture without engaging with the story behind it is not a sustainable practice, and rewards the traveller with so little that a place truly has to offer. That’s why we offer alternative destinations, sometimes off the beaten path, whose treasures take time to discover. This is where you have access to real people, where you get a chance to know their community and build something together, and where food culture is more entwined with everyday life than it might be in more developed areas.

Instead of staying in standard accommodations that have no true connection to the locale, you’ll be welcomed into warm homes with engaging hosts who will become as memorable a part of your trip as the things you’ll see and do.

Because we are a believer in forming authentic relationships in the places that we’ll visit, you’ll also benefit from unparalleled access to the farmers, producers, and artisans that we’ve gotten to know, all enthusiastic to invite you into their workshops and kitchens.

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