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We do not believe in mass tourism. Passing through a place quickly, seeing the highlights without meeting the people, and consuming food or culture without engaging with the story behind it is not a sustainable practice, and rewards the traveller with so little that a place truly has to offer. That’s why we offer alternative destinations, sometimes off the beaten path, whose treasures take time to discover. This is where you have access to real people, where you get a chance to know their community and build something together, and where food culture is more entwined with everyday life than it might be in more developed areas.

Instead of staying in standard accommodations that have no true connection to the locale, you’ll be welcomed into warm homes with engaging hosts who will become as memorable a part of your trip as the things you’ll see and do.

Because we are a believer in forming authentic relationships in the places that we’ll visit, you’ll also benefit from unparalleled access to the farmers, producers, and artisans that we’ve gotten to know, all enthusiastic to invite you into their workshops and kitchens.

Journeys with Character

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Olive Routes

What would Greece and Greek cuisine be without good olive oil? But how do you recognize quality oil? How can you tell the difference between oils?

Our partner, Dimitra, is happy to answer these questions. During a visit to her olive mill near Androusa, Dimitra welcomes you warmly and always with a huge smile on her face. Together with her husband Stathis, whose family has owned the mill in Androusa for generations, she created the “Olive Routes” - a project born out of a love for olive oil, the Messenia region and Greek food.

Your visit to the Olive Routes will be particularly educational, as Dimitra is even a member of the certified olive oil tasting panel - a true expert! You will follow the path of the olives from the tree to the finished oil and you will also learn how to use the oil during a subsequent cooking course.

Let your senses be enchanted by the smell of tangy olive oil, the taste of home-made food and the gentle sounds of the mill next door.


xnts Klio Honey Farm

Klio is a friendly Greek woman who welcomes you right next to the UNESCO site of Olympia. Klio used to work in a big company with a lot of hustle and bustle before she decided to find her place in the world of bees and honey. She is a passionate beekeeper and produces her own honey. Visit Klio in her lush green garden where you can pick fresh figs from the trees.

There you will learn all about bees and honey. Did you know what propolis is? Or what beehives used to look like?

With her enthusiasm and knowledge, your time with Klio will pass in the blink of an eye. Immerse yourself in the slow pace of life and leave all stress behind you at Klio and her honey farm.

Enjoy homemade honey-sweet diples or traditional spoonsweets, i.e. sugary treats served on spoons.


Monastery Prodromos Menalon Hike

Greece only has beaches and the sea to offer? Not at all!

Hike the Peloponnese with Dimitris and discover deep green forests, small rivers and deep gorges.

Dimitris originally comes from the small village of Stemnitsa in the mountainous region of Arcadia. He knows every inhabitant there, all the shopkeepers, every stone and every path.

In order to show visitors a touch of this tranquil place and the soul of his homeland, Dimitris combined his passion with his knowledge and created the first certified hiking trail in Europe, which is now one of the best in Europe and has been awarded the title of Leading Trail.

With all his knowledge and contacts in the area and his love for hiking, Dimitris is the perfect hiking guide and will also introduce you to the beauty of the region around Langadia.



Maria from Guesthouse Vezitsa is another important person for Feast. She and her family own the guest accommodation in the middle of the traditional Zagori villages.

Maria and the entire Vasdeki family have set themselves the goal of giving our travellers a taste of the hospitality of the Zagorochoria villages. They want to introduce them to the traditional delicacies of the local chefs, such as tasty pies, local delicacies or authentic alevropita, all made with genuine ingredients from the Pindos mountain region. That's why Maria is very keen to lead a little cooking lesson with the guests, introducing them to a piece of Greek cuisine.

Maria wants to show her homeland, one of the least touristy parts of Greece. Her main focus is on her love of nature, which you can feel when you visit the area. Enjoy a soothing stay with Maria and get to know a hidden part of Greece.



Ariana is also a real gem and a very important character for us. Especially on the Cycladic island of Andros, Ariana is well known and can immerse us in local life during a tour of Chora or a pasteli demonstration.

But who is Ariana? Ariana loves to be close to the people and their customs - preferably by visiting the locals' homes, learning their language and tasting traditional dishes. There is nothing she enjoys more than showing travellers the deep beauty of Greece, especially her beloved Cyclades.

To bring people closer to the real Greece, she formed a team of experts with a few friends and partners with the same outlook on life to bring travellers closer to the “alternative” Andros. Everyone in the team shares their knowledge and experience. From this idea, One Foot Forward Travel was born 10 years ago. An sustainable agency for outdoor and cultural activities in the Cyclades.

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