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For the Love of Food

Discover the passion behind each flavor and the stories that season every dish

Every aspect of a culinary journey with feast is done for the love of food, but food is so much more than just what’s on your plate. Each dish is an expression of a landscape, a community, and a culture, and we want to immerse you in every step of the journey from farm to table.

Get to know the heart and soul of a region by discovering its textures, whether by going on a nature hike, visiting its markets, or seeing historic landmarks that characterise the storied culture it emerges from. Explore the bounty of the landscape as you understand what is cultivated there, foraging and gathering the herbs, fruits, and vegetables, and meeting the farmers and producers who carry on agricultural work that has defined their area for generations. Appreciate the craftsmanship and knowledge of artisans and cooks, whose dedication brings out the best of what surrounds them. And then participate in the most simple but profound act of sitting down with others, sharing wine and a good meal, and celebrating the pleasures of food and company as you feast.

Discover. Gather. Craft. Feast. These are the components of every culinary journey with feast, the four steps that lead you from farm to table, and add up to an intimate and unforgettable experience.


Turin market

Get familiar with a region in its entirety. Whether it’s the UNESCO-listed vineyards of the Langhe in Piedmont or Syracuse in Sicily, the truffle plantations of Périgord or the winding streets of the Greek island Santorini, you’ll be immersed entirely in your surroundings. With your local guide, you’ll take pleasure hikes or visit bustling markets to get an intimate look at the place you’re in from a local perspective.


truffle harvest umbria

Head to the fields, farms, and vineyards where food begins its journey, and find out how the particularities of each place impact upon growth and flavour, from the sun-soaked cliffs of the Amalfi Coast to the unusually rich volcanic soils around Etna. Meet the growers, farmers and collectors and marvel at the passion that goes into their craft. And whether it’s foraging for truffles, mushrooms, or wild herbs, harvesting honey, grapes or garden greens, or fishing for the catch of the day, you’ll be out and about, gathering the freshest, seasonal ingredients to feast on.


homemade pici

Participate in the craft and creativity that has been passed down for generations. Each culinary journey with feast is a hands-on experience. You won’t just sample delicious Modica chocolate, but learn how to make it for yourself. Rather than simply indulging in the fresh pasta of Emilia, you’ll learn the art of doing it on your own. Tie up your apron, meet makers and cooks, and prepare to be inspired on each day of your journey.


Amalfi lunch

After a day exploring, meeting fascinating people, and learning about the story of food, you’re sure to work up an appetite. Each evening, you’ll have the chance to sit back, relax, and enjoy a lovingly prepared meal with a glass of wine or two. Savour fresh, local seasonal dishes that celebrate the best regional ingredients at local places or around your host’s table. Every feast is the culmination of the day’s discoveries and a delicious tribute to the dedication of the artisans, growers, and chefs you’ll meet.

Discover Culinary Journeys: Immerse Yourself in the Love of Food

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