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Our difference

There’s no better way to discover a country’s past, present, and future than through food. Food reveals so much about the history and geography of a place. It’s a living culture, adapting to the changing demands of climate, that protects traditional techniques, culture, and local craftsmanship. At feast, we want to encourage you to slow down, savour the moment, and take a bite.

We do not believe in mass tourism. Passing through a place quickly, seeing the highlights without meeting the people, and consuming food or culture without engaging with the story behind it is not a sustainable practice, and rewards the traveller with so little that a place truly has to offer. That’s why we offer alternative destinations, sometimes off the beaten path, whose treasures take time to discover. This is where you have access to real people, where you get a chance to know their community and build something together, and where food culture is more entwined with everyday life than it might be in more developed areas.

At feast, our difference is the people you’ll spend time with. Rather than a random group of strangers that you’ll be shuttled around with, you’ll make fast friends with others who share your passion for food, both in your small group and with the locals you’ll be introduced to.

Instead of staying in standard accommodations that have no true connection to the locale, you’ll be welcomed into warm homes with engaging hosts who will become as memorable a part of your trip as the things you’ll see and do.

Because we are a believer in forming authentic relationships in the places that we’ll visit, you’ll also benefit from unparalleled access to the farmers, producers, and artisans that we’ve gotten to know, all enthusiastic to invite you into their workshops and kitchens.

And our love of food means that every day will be a feast, offering you one-of-a-kind experiences that come from complete immersion in a region.

Shared passion


Connect with a small group of like-minded foodies. With your shared love and curiosity for food, you’ll be introduced to culinary artisans who pour their hearts into their craft. Learn hands-on from foragers, cheesemakers, and cooks whose passion for their work is infectious, and share unforgettable meals that create a sense of togetherness. Every day you will have an opportunity to share stories, swap recipes, break bread, and raise toasts together.

Hosted Stays

Agriturismo Montepulciano

Enjoy accommodation at producers, family-owned hotels, agriturismos, and guesthouses. At feast, we are believers in zero-kilometre food, which aims to reduce the distance between the producer, seller, and consumer of food. There is no better way to do this than to stay near the farms, makers, and cooks who work with the food on the tables where we stay. Your hosts not only provide the cozy places you’ll relax in, but are also at the heart of your experience, often providing delicious, seasonal meals with local wines, or offering inspiring cooking classes.

Unparalleled Access

cheese maker Piemonte

On a culinary journey with feast, you don’t just see the surface of a destination, but stay within the local community. Because we have forged relationships in the places we visit, you get off the beaten track and meet the chefs, farmers, and foragers that are experts in their craft. While on other tours you might visit a wine producer, we pride ourselves on knowing growers and makers of a diverse number of products, from honey to hazelnuts, from cheese to vinegar, from chocolate to capers and pasta to pastry. With your bilingual guide, you’ll be able to have authentic conversations with the people you meet and get to know about their challenges and successes in detail.

Delicious Feasts

Signum plate dinner

Each day of your culinary journey culminates in an exceptional meal. Along with being believers in sustainable and seasonal experiences, we also celebrate that what makes Mediterranean cuisine so special, its simplicity. On your trip with feast, all your meals are included, so you don’t need to take out your wallet at any time. While we visit Michelin-starred restaurants, we also revel in the traditional kitchen of the osteria and the street food stall. You will eat as the locals do, at a table a stone’s throw from where the food was grown or crafted, and letting the freshness of good ingredients speak for itself.

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