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Amalfi lemons

Spring in the Mediterranean

Spring is the better Summer

Spring is a special time in the part of the world we visit on our culinary journeys. With warmer days and plenty of sunshine, the entire Mediterranean awakens with a vibrancy that is matched in its delectable cuisine.

The region’s temperate climate makes these idyllic landscapes a food lover’s paradise. The Mediterranean comes alive in the spring with a plethora of fresh, local ingredients that are at their peak of flavor and quality. In Sicily, the almonds blossom in March, inspiring an annual feast in areas like Noto that we visit. May is when most cheese is produced, as the animals have been able to wander outside and have an abundance of milk. This is the time to stroll through bustling outdoor markets adorned with colourful displays of ripe tomatoes, plump olives, and aromatic herbs. Our trips during the spring are a chance to see the best of earth’s bounty on showcase and to immerse yourself in the Mediterranean’s farm-to-table experience.

Spring is the time to take panoramic hikes along the Amalfi Coast, the land where the lemon trees bloom, or enjoy dining in starred restaurants such as La Chassagnette, in Provence, which prepares vegetables fresh from its own garden. In May, the capers are in bloom, and we visit a local farmer in Salina to try what are thought to be the best in the world. Enjoy dining in the charming ambiance of local cafés and restaurants while basking in the inviting weather and surrounded by breathtaking landscapes.

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