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sheep cheese piedmont

Of all the things that those who join our trips have in common, one stands out and defines our itineraries: the love of food! And we want to make sure you have meals you’ll remember for a lifetime, not only due to the mastery of the dishes, but as a combination of the breathtaking surroundings, the company you share, and your involvement in the entire journey from farm to table.

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Throughout your trip, you’ll meet the people dedicated to perfecting their craft, be it making cheese, curing meat, overseeing a vineyard, or growing vegetables on an organic farm. You’ll talk to locals about their knowledge of the land and how it’s entwined with their culture, and you’ll be spoiled by accomplished chefs who want to impress you with their very best. All of this adds up to every bite feeling especially meaningful.

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There is no shortage of one-of-a-kind eating experiences you’ll experience on a trip with feast. You won’t just try Bistecca Fiorentina in South Tuscany—you’ll visit a family farm with the famous white Chianina cattle first. In Perigord, you will do more than sample the world-renowned black truffles—you’ll attend a local festival alongside farmers, restaurateurs, and chefs to watch the truffle hunt and enjoy traditional music before sitting down to a big meal in the community hall. You’ll dine in impressive, centuries-old spaces, try local specialties, and feast on masterpieces made by award-winning chefs.

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The secret ingredient to our culinary journeys is the warmth that envelops each table we sit down at. The hospitality of our hosts is infectious, and our small groups create a bond among travellers that makes each meal feel like one among old friends. The wine flows freely, the servings are generous, and the conversation is always stimulating—all the components for a perfect meal. It’s time to feast: your seat at the table is waiting for you!

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