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SAPIO Amalfi coast

Campania Food Tours

Savour the Soul of Southern Italy

Campania Uncovered: From Sun-Ripened Vegetables to Traditional Delights

Tour Highlights

Master the art of making mozzarella cheese in a hands-on workshop. Discover the secrets of transforming simple ingredients into this beloved Italian delicacy.

Embark on a foraging tour and uncover the secrets of local spontaneous herbs. Immerse yourself in nature as you learn to identify and gather these natural treasures.

Delight in a cooking class at a charming agriturismo, where every ingredient is locally sourced and KM0 certified. Experience the true essence of farm-to-table cooking with the freshest, most authentic products.

Feast Amalfi Lemon
Villa Cimbrone
Sentiero dei Limoni

Amalfi Coast: Flavours of the sea - 7 Days

Coastal Bliss: Scenic Walks, Culinary Experiences, and Cultural Exploration in Praiano




7 Days

Meals and beverages included

Tasting of Amalfi lemons

Mozzarella-making course

Cooking class with Giacomo with sea view


USD 2,463

Dive into Campania's Gastronomic Wonders

Journey with feast through the vibrant flavours of Campania. Dive into a world where sun-ripened vegetables meet time-tested recipes, and where every dish tells a story of the land and its people. As you traverse this culinary paradise, experience the true essence of Mediterranean cuisine. Ready to taste the authentic soul of Campania? Embark with feast.

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amalfi lemons
Amalfi group lunch

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