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Apulia Sapio

Puglia Small Group Tours

A Culinary Adventure of Food and Wine

Experience Authentic Puglia: From Time-Honoured Recipes to Exquisite Wines

Discover Puglia's mesmerising culinary tapestry with feast. Explore ancient olive groves, encounter artisans like Giancarlo Ceci in Apulia, and delve into the nuances of biodynamic wines, olive oils, and vibrant vegetables. Our small-group tours promise a genuine immersion into Puglia's gastronomic essence. With feast, you become an integral part of Puglia's rich culinary narrative. Eager to dive deep into Puglia's culinary wonders? Embark on this gastronomic journey with us.

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Puglia 01.06.2023
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Tour Highlights

Overnight stay at a picturesque olive farm: Experience the rustic charm and tranquility of life amidst olive trees.

Authentic cooking class: Immerse yourself in traditional culinary techniques.

Visit a biodynamic wine and vegetable producer: Explore sustainable agriculture and taste organic produce.

Meet the cuoco-contadino (chef & farmer) in his garden before lunch: A unique farm-to-table experience.

Learn more about the oldest DOP bread - the Altamura DOP: Delve into the history and making of this renowned bread.

Enjoy a guided foraging experience between trulli, wild herbs, and cherry trees in the Alta Murgia: Connect with nature and local traditions.

Discover the Gastronomic Treasures of Puglia

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Apulia Sapio
Apulia Sapio

A discovery journey in Alta Murgia National Park

Feasting in the Alta Murgia National Park and on the Adriatic Sea




8 Days

Visit with Pietro Zito, chef and farmer

Eating at Trabucco in Peschici

Visit to an excellent cheesemaker

Visit to an olive oil mill


EUR 2,098

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