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Provence Food and Wine Tours

A French Culinary Dream

Savour Provence: Truffle Festivals, Historic Markets, and Gourmet Delights

Dive into the culinary heart of Provence with feast. Experience the excitement of truffle festivals, meander through the historic market halls of Nîmes with local experts like Jonathan, and savour the region's renowned wines and culinary masterpieces. In Provence, every meal tells a story of tradition and terroir. Ready for a Provençal culinary revelation? Journey with feast.

SAPIO Provence Lavender
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Tour Highlights

Explore the historic market halls of Nîmes, savouring regional specialities.

Indulge in the exquisite vegetable-focused Michelin star cuisine at La Chassagnette. Experience a symphony of flavors where fresh, organic produce is transformed into culinary masterpieces.

Enjoy sipping the world-renowned wines of the Châteauneuf-du-Pape area, where each glass tells a story of rich heritage and exceptional winemaking. Immerse yourself in the flavors and traditions of this celebrated wine region.

Step into the Culinary World of Provence

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Markt Provence
Markt Provence

Secrets of the Western Provence

Culinary secrets and the southern French way of life in Provence




8 Days

Dream accommodation in a former winery

Visit to the “god of figs”

Tasting and meal with a winemaker’s family

Visit and meal with olive farmers


EUR 2,398

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