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SAPIO Perigord Cahors

Perigord Food and Wine Tours

Truffle Treasures and Gastronomic Wonders

The Culinary Magic of Perigord: Black Truffles, Community Feasts, and Age-old Traditions

Tour Highlights

Join a local festival to witness the fascinating truffle hunt in action.

Visit a local caviar producer to witness the delicate process of caviar production, and explore a traditional duck farm to understand the intricacies of its farming. Enhance your culinary skills with a cooking class that brings these exquisite ingredients to life in delicious dishes.

Sample the world-famous black truffles and local wines that define this region.

Truffles Feast

Périgord: Truffles, Caviar and Foie Gras - 8 Days

Truffles, sturgeon caviar and foie gras in Périgord




8 Days

Truffle hunting with expert Eric

Big truffle dinner at home

Cooking class with Stéphanie

Local tour guide


USD 2,356

Taste the Wonders of Perigord

Step into Perigord's world of culinary treasures with feast. Delight in the renowned black truffles, participate in local festivals alongside farmers and chefs, and partake in community feasts that celebrate the region's rich heritage. With feast, Perigord's gastronomic traditions come alive in every bite. Craving a deep dive into Perigord's culinary world? feast is your gateway.

SAPIO Perigord Cahors
SAPIO Perigord Prayssac
SAPIO Perigord Cahors

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