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Northern Spain

Northern Spain is a land of remarkable diversity, vibrant culture, and a fierce sense of identity. From the rugged coastline along the Basque Country’s Bay of Biscay to the lush green hills of Asturias and the soaring peaks of the Pyrenees, this part of Spain offers an array of landscapes that enchant and inspire. It’s a multifaceted region that beckons travelers with its rich traditions and a cuisine that's a celebration of both the land and the sea.

Catalonia is a breathtaking stretch of cliffs, coves, fishing villages, and panoramic vistas of the Mediterranean, with a community deeply committed to its traditions and culture. Farther west, the charming coastal village of San Sebastián sits as the jewel of Basque Country, with its pristine beaches and avant-garde culinary scene. In Bilbao, the iconic Guggenheim Museum houses world-class art collections, while closer to the Atlantic coast is the historic town of Santiago de Compostela, capital of the Galicia region a pilgrimage site for centuries. Whether you're wandering through the charming villages of Cantabria or taking in the natural wonders of the Picos de Europa, Northern Spain offers a wealth of cultural and natural treasures.

The cuisine of Northern Spain celebrates the region's rich agricultural heritage and coastal bounty. The Basque Country is celebrated for its inventive pintxos, while in Galicia, seafood is king, with dishes like pulpo a la gallega. Asturias offers hearty fare like fabada Asturiana, a bean stew, and high-quality ciders. Savor seafood paella, indulge in Catalan cream, and enjoy the simplicity of pan con tomate. The region's wines, particularly those from the Penedès and Priorat, complement every meal. Throughout the region, the emphasis on fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and time-honored recipes creates a culinary journey that is both authentic and unforgettable.

Take a look at some of our favourite experiences in Northern Spain:


vermouth spain

Head to Reus to find out more about vermouth, Catalonia’s favourite tipple. It’s so popular here, there's even the hora del vermut, an hour before lunch dedicated to meeting friends and savouring a glass together. Here, we’ll visit a vermouth producer and find out how the Spanish differs from the Italian styles, before sampling a few of the many local varieties.


galicia boat fishing

In the sea around A Coruña, a port city in the Galicia region, Pedro takes you out on his fishing boat to explore this stretch of wild beaches, calm coves, and lush mountains. The waters are rich with everything from octopus to mackerel, cod, tuna, swordfish, and mussels.


vegetable garden

Before cooking with Simona, David will show you around his vegetable garden in Cerdanya, a plateau situated in the heart of the Pyrenees. This area has a strong agricultural tradition, and you’ll learn what’s in season and how to pair what’s fresh with typical products from the region, including cheese, yogurt, curd, honey, and artisan sausages.



After a day at the mussel farm, learning about locally sourced and organic products, settle in at the Mirador de la Badia. This is the perfect spot to catch the sun set over the sea while enjoying a glass of white wine, oysters, and good company.

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