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Northern Greece Food and Wine Tours

Delight in the Diverse Flavors of Northern Greece

Experience the culinary diversity of Northern Greece with feast

Tour Highlights

Mountain Cuisine: Enjoy traditional dishes from the Northern Greek highlands.

Seafood Delights: Savor the freshest seafood from the Aegean Sea.

Wine Tasting: Explore the distinctive wines of Northern Greece's vineyards.

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Meteora Kalabaka
guards athens

Greece North to South: A Culinary Roundtrip - 14D

Culture meets nature - from pristine mountain villages to heavenly beaches




14 Days

Bear Conservation Organization Arkturos

Visit to a Family Ouzo Distillery

Cooking Class with Eleni

Visit to Beekeeper Klio


USD 2,786

Northern Greece, a region of breathtaking beauty and diverse culinary traditions, offers a unique gastronomic adventure. Our tours take you through the rugged mountains and idyllic coastlines, each offering distinct culinary experiences. You'll taste dishes seasoned with rare mountain herbs, enjoy fresh seafood straight from the Aegean, and visit vineyards that produce some of Greece's most renowned wines. Along the way, you'll meet local artisans and learn about the region's rich culinary history.

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