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Imagine tasting fresh olive oil—the base of so many dishes in the Mediterranean—in the place where it’s produced. Then imagine not only tasting it, but strolling through the olive groves, learning about the trees and olive harvest from Gianfranco the farm owner, who is also an olive oil sommelier and your host during a stay on his family farm. This is the difference of the feast experience, and this moment on our Umbria trip is typical of what you can expect on a culinary journey with us.

We don’t just savour the flavours of the places we visit—we meet the people who farm, fish, gather, and craft from the bounties of the land. Get to know Massimo Spigaroli—famous chef, farmer, and butcher—in Emilia, where you’ll have the unique opportunity to produce culatello from a whole pig under his supervision. Explore the more than 300-hectare farm of Giancarlo Ceci in Apulia, where he’ll tell you about producing biodynamic wines, olive oils, and vegetables, and about how he carries on his family traditions with innovative techniques. You’ll understand the legend of Roquefort cheese while visiting both a commercial and a small producer in Languedoc, learn the art of selecting coffee beans outside Trieste, and meet producers of the famous Brunello di Monalcino in South Tuscany.

No experience you have on a trip with feast will be presented to you without a connection to the people who make it happen. You will have the unique opportunity to be welcomed into the homes and workshops of local producers for an up-close look at how the abundant fruits of these lands move from farm to table.

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