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Whether you’ve only ever dabbled in the kitchen or are considered the gourmet among your friends, the experience you’ll gain on your trip with feast will elevate your cooking to a whole new level. By immersing yourself completely in the world of fresh produce, artisan know-how, and culinary techniques, you’ll grow a new appreciation for the nuances that compose a dish and how to draw out incredible flavours from every ingredient.

This is not difficult when you become an apprentice to highly accomplished cooks and creators who are just as passionate about food as you are. You’ll be instructed by Michelin-starred experts, including the youngest best chef in Italy, Martina Caruso, in the Aeolian Islands, and Massimo Spigaroli, who will instruct you in making homemade pasta in Emilia. Biagio will show you how to make mozzarella, Francesca will sweeten your day in a course on Modica chocolate, and Giovanna will show you how granita is made in the shadow of Mount Etna.

Each of our itineraries allows you to perfect another regional delicacy, whether it’s learning the secrets of the cucina povera from Apulia, preparing fish in one of the best restaurants in Trieste, mastering a Piedmontese risotto, or crafting traditional sweets in a pasticceria class in Sicily.

And making during a feast tour always comes with a lot of laughter and fun. You’ll find the childish wonder and enjoy the camaraderie of your fellow travellers as you experiment and challenge yourself in the kitchen. This is play, and comes with pure joy as you tie up your apron and discover the magic of Mediterranean cuisine with your own hands.

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