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When you visit one of our destinations, you don’t just pass through like a tourist, but make a deep connection with the land and the people who live there. More than tour guides, you are shown around by regional experts, nature guides and art historians, owners of farms and vineyards, cheesemakers and beekeepers. Your hosts are local, and give you a personalised look at their hometowns and villages, with insider tips on where to go and what to eat.

Like Fabio, founder of a nature association in Sicily, who takes you around Syracuse to discover wild herbs, and shows you the UNESCO World Heritage city from the perspective of a local. In Venice, you won’t get swept up in the crowds of tourists, but stay in small lodging on the islands of the lagoon, and head out into the waters with Damiano and Stefano, experienced fishermen who will teach you about catching the moeche, a special type of crab only found there. You will do more than sample the renowned food of Provence—you’ll browse the 130-year-old market halls in Nîmes with Jonathan, who will handpick specialties to try for lunch.

The goal of every feast tour is to immerse you completely in your surroundings, forging a genuine relationship with the region, so you can fully appreciate all the aspects that influence what you will eat there. For the duration of your trip, you will exist among locals like a local, intricately entwined with the land and its people.

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