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Athens and Central Greece Food Tours

Explore Greek Flavors

Greece Highlights: Explore Mediterranean Cuisine

Tour Highlights

Athens Street Food: Explore the vibrant street food scene of the Greek capital.

Aegina's Specialties: Taste Aegina's famous pistachios and fresh seafood.

Cultural Immersion: Experience the local lifestyle and culinary traditions.

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Athens Acropolis

Greece Highlights: Explore Greek Cuisine - 8 Days

Our unforgettable journey through Greece




8 Days

Visit to a Family Ouzo Distillery

NGO Shedia visit

Icon Painting Workshop

Visit to Beekeeper Klio


USD 2,377

Greece's Highlights and Athens' Urban Flavors

Discover the rich culinary tapestry of Athens and Central Greece, two distinct destinations united by their love for good food.

In Athens, you'll delve into the bustling street food scene and visit historic markets.

Moving to Central Greece, you'll experience a slower pace of life and taste the fresh bounty of the sea, providing a comprehensive experience of Greek culinary culture.

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